Going on a Hiatus

I’ve decided to stop blogging for awhile. I’m not really feeling it right now and since I don’t really have an audience, it’s not a big deal.

I’m still going to write, but spending hours a week on posts that nobody really reads is going to cease for the time being. I’ve got other things that I need to be focusing on and spending my time.

I’ll still tweet: @unfoldingepic & Instagram: unfoldingepic

Actually I’ll try and post more consistent content on those platforms.

The site isn’t going anywhere and if you want to read some of my previous posts, go back and take a look. I think I’ve got some good ones that you might benefit from.


If you want to reach me either send me a tweet or you can email me: hello@davidgetchel.com

My Appalachian Trail Wrap-up

It’s been almost a month since I finished the Appalachian Trail. Easing back into the “other world” has been good. No jarring experiences that people always ask about.

I was only home for about a week before I was off again though, this time to a conference in Portland. Now that I’m back from that amazing experience I have time to write this final post about the trail. Read more

Blogging While Walking 19

Blogging on AT 19

Before I settle into a routine of some sort, I’m in Portland attending the World Domination Summit. A few thousand cool people like me coming together from all over the world to have fun, grow and see how they can enrich their lives even more.

From buying my ticket home two months ago, to finishing the trail ahead of schedule and overall everything working out just fine to get here in time for the conference, it shows I’m confident in my ability to plan and execute, adjusting along the way if need be.

I still need to do a more detailed write up about the trail, but not for another week or so, once I’m back home, not traveling.

Blogging While Walking 18

Blogging on AT 18

From hiking day after day for months at a time to suddenly not is weird. I’ve been in Boston lounging around doing pretty much nothing, waiting for my flight back home to California.

On one hand my body needs to rest and recover after taking a beating each day, the other is that I need to get back to earning money and transitioning back into the other world.

I’ll start working on a post to wrap this adventure up soon. Be on the lookout for that.

– Lunchbox

June 15th 2015 – Monday Findings

Monday Findings Header 2015

The hiker bubble, when it gets to the whites must be crazy and interesting. Not too many options on places to stay for the night.

You have the expensive huts you can stay in, but reservations need to be made far in advance. There is work for stay, but only the first 2-3 hikers can take advantage of that.

You have some shelters here and there, but not spaced out well. Official campsites as well.

The last option you have is stealth camping, but it’s a very rocky place.

I find that the whites are difficult in terms of terrain, weather and where to spend the night.

Blogging While Walking 15

Blogging on AT 15

The forest smells of evergreen. Nights are quiet, aside from the occasional owl or scurry of mice.

Mornings are crisp with the chill of the mountain air. Hiking to keep warm a necessity.

Trail life is unique. It’s unpredictable. It’s something that has to be experienced to really understand it.

Blogging While Walking 14

Blogging on AT 14

I’m in the home stretch. The climbs are getting tougher and the elevation, higher. But I’m on track to finish by the end of June. A faster pace than most, but my schedule sorta had to be quick.

It’s been great overall so far. Definitely times where the trail was more than frustrating. Other times where everything was clicking and great.

That’s life though. Roll with the punches.

Blogging While Walking 13

Blogging on AT 13

My cool brother joined me for a 4 day, 65 mile stretch in New York. It was great weather and trail conditions. Though he was pushed a little too far probably.

10, 16, 25 and 15 miles. He made it though and we had a great time relaxing in White Plains, NY after. A great time on trail too.

From packing out some beers and sandwiches, camping on a baseball field, to seeing the New York city skyline after climbing bear mountain, to walking through a zoo, it was a great time.

A very different trail than the part he hiked with me on the PCT. We only crossed one road in that 65 mile stretch. The Appalachian trail goes across many more roads and towns.

I had a blast and was glad he was able to join me for a short while. Even missing his wedding anniversary!



Blogging While Walking 12

Blogging on AT 12

I’m not sure why the trail goes through some areas/states. I’ve been putting in the miles recently and some of the “trail” is downright terrible. Rock fields with no specific way to get through besides tiptoeing all day. I’m not joking.

Pennsylvania in particular. It’s brutal on the feet and not fun. I expect some sort of defined trail to walk on. I didn’t get that. Other hikers I talk to agree.

There are other areas that you are literally rock climbing, pulling yourself up, boulder by boulder. Remember, that’s with a pack full of stuff. At one point there is an aluminum ladder that’s wired to a rock wall that you climb up to get to more rocks.

I thought this was a hiking trail. It probably was fun for many thru-hikers and day hikers, but I wasn’t thrilled with it.

So far the Pacific Crest Trail, which I did in 2012, blows the Appalachian Trail out of the water. Trail conditions and views.

I’m still having a blast on this adventure, but it’s a different trail. That’s for sure.

OK, enough whining.

Blogging While Walking 11

Blogging on AT 11

I’m all alone…

Since I’m towards the front of the bubble and I’m doing bigger miles than many, I’m in this zone between pockets of hikers.

It is what it is though. I think I’ll catch up to some people that I’ve been just behind, judging by their trail register posts.

It is a lonely road, I mean trail, right now. But soon my brother joins me for a few days.

Sometimes it just works that way. I have to remember that I’m number 57 to pass the halfway mark. There are not that many ahead or around, but thousands behind me.

Blogging While Walking 10

Blogging on AT 10


On the trail there are a few types of families. At least in my opinion.

There’s the actual family, the ones related to the hiker. They hike a few days with them to experience a little of the trail, meet up to share a zero together or provide support from home. They just get a taste of your adventure, but hopefully have a better understanding.

Then there is the trail family. These are people that you see constantly. Either hiking with them, moving and camping as a group, leap frogging them on the trail or seeing them around town.
Everyone who hikes the trail come from all walks of life and locations. They hike for all different reasons, but when you’re on the trail, bonds are formed quickly. Some people you just connect with and it’s like a reunion when you see someone you know just show up when you least expect it. Or finally meet the person matching the name you’ve been seeing in trail logs for weeks.

The third family is the trail angel family. People who love the trail and contribute in many different ways. Maintenance of trail and shelters, trail magic, even office volunteering. They do a lot of the background work to provide a trail everyone can use.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on family.

Blogging While Walking 9

Blogging on AT 9

900 miles in! It’s crazy to think that in under two months I would have made this many miles. Mid 20 miles is the norm, my legs are strong and endurance is good. A few 7:30 and 8pm arrival times to camp, also getting close to a 30 mile day a few times. There is still plenty of daylight so that’s not an issue.

No bears still and I’m in the Shanandoahs, where there are supposed to be bears everywhere!

*Update* Saw two cubs way up in a tree. Didn’t see momma bear and didn’t stay long to find out where she was.

Weather has been a little of everything lately. Cold, rain, wind and some nice warm sunny days too, though not enough of them in my opinion. There was even a 5 minute thunder-hail storm that I got caught in before the skies cleared the sun was shining and I dried out before getting to the shelter.

There has been a lot of little things happened that you might like to hear about. So here they are.

I got a couple of snack bars from one guy as I was coming down a mountain and a banana from another guy when I arrived at the bottom.

There was a shelter full of ladies and myself, playing card games as the rain was falling until 10 at night.

Someone wanted a picture of myself and two other hikers like we were some sort of zoo animals while eating at the big meadows wayside.

I’ve called a few days early, like 4pm, stopping at a closer shelter because of weather or just not up to hiking however far to the next one. Reading and looking at upcoming trail is a good way to spend that extra time.

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